Community Partners


Community Partners

Riverside, California

We are involved in a number of community activities, partnerships, and collaboratives in the city of Riverside, including the Arlanza Community Partnership, the Alvord Collaborative, the Youth Violence Prevention Policy Board, and Project B.R.I.D.G.E. Our involvement in these community groups is as liaison between not only ACE-UCR and the community, but between the University and the community. As such we are able to provide a research perspective on community issues.

Arlanza Community Partnership

Work with the Arlanza Community Partnership focuses on advice and consult regarding the Eric M. Solander Arlanza Youth and Family Resource Center (Solander Center) which we were instrumental in developing through our work on the Riverside Red Team as a CDC Developing Center from 2001-2005. In 2006 we will be working with the city Park and Recreation and Social Services Department to restructure a 5-year plan for the Solander Center. In addition, our Arlanza/Community project team is currently conducting the 1-year post opening community utilization and satisfaction survey for the Solander Center. Results of the survey should be available in late spring 2006.

Alvord Collaborative

The Alvord Collaborative is facilitated by the Alvord Unified School District in Riverside. Its purpose is to address school and community violence concerns such as weapons on campus, violence on campus, alcohol/substance abuse, gang involvement, and truancy. The collaborative assists the school district in developing an agenda to address these issues through the district’s student support services. The collaborative is also involved in activities such as Challenge Day, Red Ribbon Week, Yellow Ribbon Week, and judging poster contests.

Youth Violence Prevention Policy Board

ACE-UCR has been part of the Youth Violence Prevention Policy Board (formerly the Riverside Red Team) since it inception in 2002. We are currently working with the Riverside City Manager and Mayor to restructure and redirect the work of the Youth Violence Prevention Policy Board. To date the board has overseen the development and opening of the Solander Center, however, future directions for the board will be toward implementing similar projects in other neighborhoods in the city.

Project B.R.I.D.G.E. (Building Resources for the Intervention and Deterrence of Gang Engagement)

Project B.R.I.D.G.E. is a nationally recognized gang prevention, intervention, and suppression program. The program model involves mobilization of the community’s multidisciplinary leadership to reduce the incidence of youth gang violence, gang membership, and gang-related activities in the city of Riverside. Key participants are the Riverside County Juvenile Probation Department, the City of Riverside Human Resources Department, Alvord and Riverside Unified School Districts, California State University San Bernardino, Coalition for Common Ground, and UC Riverside’s Robert Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies. As the Director of the Robert Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies, Dr. Robert Parker (ACE-UCR co-PI) has been affiliated with Project B.R.I.D.G.E. for a number of years as evaluator for the program.

Perris, California
Perris Youth Crime Prevention Red Team

Based on the success of the Red Team and the Arlanza Initiative in the city of Riverside, the Perris Red Team was formed in April 2004 by Riverside County Supervisor Marion Ashley in the hopes that a similar progress could be achieved in the city of Perris. ACE-UCR partners with city and county agencies, school districts, and faith-based organizations in this youth violence prevention effort. The mission statement of the group is as follows: "The Perris Youth Crime Prevention Red Team is a collaboration committed to strengthening youth and families through innovative mobilization of community resources and use of evidence based research." The development of a strategic plan for the city is in progress and will be presented to the Perris City Council for adoption in the late spring of 2006.

Santa Ana, California
Latino Health Access (LHA)

Collaboration on youth violence prevention efforts with Latino Health Access in the city of Santa Ana began several years ago in an effort to implement a Red Team-like plan in the city. The concept of the Red Team as it was known in the cities of Riverside and Perris was not a good match for the city, thus mobilization in Santa Ana evolved into a bottom-up, grassroots movement involving LHA, ACE-UCR, and the community. Thus, the grassroots activities in Santa Ana quickly became identified as the work of the Green Team rather than the Red Team.

Our current work with LHA involves an intervention study entitled FAST or Families and Schools Together. Focusing on Latino children and their families, the program aims to empower parents as leaders in their family, restore family connections and unity disrupted by immigration and poverty, and to increase connections between parents and the community.

A second project planned in collaboration with LHA , CDPT or Child Development Parent Training, will evaluate the effects of two venues of service delivery - health care professionals and community health workers or “Promotores” - on child and family development.

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