Current Projects


Current Projects 

Child Development Parent Training (CDPT)

Lead Investigator:  Dr. Lyndee Knox

CDPT (also called Madres a Madres) is a home visitation intervention delivered by Promotores (community health workers).  Designed for use with low-literacy immigrant mothers, the purpose of the intervention is to educate parents about the developmental needs of their children.  The intervention is conducted in a series of 4 home visitations.  CDPT is currently being implemented in the Santa Ana area of Southern California with 125 families participating.  Expected outcomes include increased childrearing knowledge, family functioning, parental involvement and supervision, parental warmth and support, and improved parenting skills and practices.

Positive Life Changes (PLC)

Lead Investigator:  Dr. Nancy Guerra

The PLC program is a comprehensive cognitive-behavioral training intervention.  Intended for individuals ages 13 to 25 in schools or alternative settings, the program includes three separate participant workbooks, each providing 10 lessons, for a total of 30 lessons.  The lessons provide a psychoeducational curriculum in which participants examine how they think, develop more effective skills, and apply these skills to their daily lives.  Lessons are primarily designed to be conducted in classroom or small group sessions, but they can also be accomplished individually or with the assistance of a mentor or counselor.  Although the three workbooks are part of a series, each can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with other workbooks as part of a prevention and intervention effort.  Expected outcomes are positive changes in 5 core competencies - 1) positive sense of self; 2) self-control; 3) moral system of belief; 4) prosocial connectedness; and 5) decision making skills.

Cross-site Aggression Measure

Lead Investigator:  Dr. Nancy Guerra and Academic Center Collaborators

The Cross-site Aggression Measure is being developed as a collaborative effort across several academic centers: UC Riverside, University of Hawaii, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of Illinois a Chicago. A primary goal of this project is to develop and validate a comprehensive assessment/self-report measure for aggressive behavior that includes different types of aggression (bullying, physical, indirect) and victimization, and that will be available as a public domain assessment. A secondary goal of this effort is to develop and validate a measure of aggressive propensity that examines individual thresholds for reactive and proactive aggression.

Neighborhood Assessment Program for the City of Riverside

Lead Investigator:  Dr. Robert Nash Parker and the Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies

This project is being conducted in the city of Riverside, CA.  The work includes collecting data on a number of neighborhood indicators of the quality of life, the environment, physical infrastructure, public safety, social and economic conditions, health and mental health, transportation (both local and that which links Riverside to the larger southern California region), cultural capital and institutions, religious assets, and the degree to which these indicators have changed during the last five years.  These data will be organized and analyzed so that they can be presented in a clear and accessible fashion, including the construction of charts, maps, GIS and conventional data bases, that will facilitate the presentation of these indicators.  An executive summary and detailed summary report on the state of Riverside’s 26 neighborhoods will be provided for general distribution as determined by the City.  The Presley Center will also produce neighborhood specific “Neighborhood at a Glance” summary reports which can be distributed to neighborhood residents in the 26 areas as defined by the City and could serve as discussion points for city officials and neighborhood residents for the purpose of formulating neighborhood action plans and discussions of future development.

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