Ariel Appelbaum, M.A.

 Ariel Appelbaum
Ariel Appelbaum, M.A.

Doctoral Student, School Psychology
Research Assistant
University of California, Riverside

Email: ariel.appelbaum@email.ucr.edu

Ariel Appelbaum is a first year doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of California,
Riverside (UCR). She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Art History and Spanish from the University of
California, Santa Barbara, and recently completed a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, with distinction, at
Northwestern University. Ariel has served as a bilingual (English/Spanish) clinical intern at a psychosocial
rehabilitation center for adults, at an outpatient clinic for couples, families and children, and at several schools in
the greater Chicago area. Throughout her clinical work with at‐risk youth and low‐income families, Ariel has
developed an interest in youth violence prevention, as well as social‐emotional and behavioral interventions in
school and community settings for children exposed to community violence, English‐language learners, and
behaviorally disordered youth. Ariel is particularly interested in the dynamics of physically violent and delinquent
school‐aged females, and hopes to pursue the formulation of specific interventions for this population through her
work at UCR and the university’s Southern California Academic Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention.

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