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Kulis, S., Marsiglia, F.F., Chase Lingard, E., Nieri, T., & Nagoshi, J. (2008). Gender identity and substance use among students in two high schools in Monterrey, Mexico. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 95(3), 258-268. (PDF full text)

Marsiglia, F.F., Kulis, S., Luengo, M.A., Nieri, T., & Villar, P. (2008). Immigrant advantage? Substance use among Latin American immigrant and native-born youth in Spain. Ethnicity & Health, 13(2), 149-170. (PDF full text)

S. Kulis, S. Marsiglia, D. Sicotte, Nieri, T. (2007). "Neighborhood Effects on Youth Substance Use in a Southwestern City" in Sociological Perspectives 50 (2): 273-301.

L. G. Ryan, K. Miller-Loessi, Nieri, T. (2007). "Relationships With Adults As Predictors of Substance Use, Gang Involvement, and Threats to Safety Among Disadvantaged Urban High School Adolescents" in Journal of Community Psychology 35 (8): 1053-1071.

S. Kulis, S. Yabiku, L. Stromwall and F. F. Marsiglia, Nieri, T. (2007). "Promoting Reduced and Discontinued Substance Use Among Adolescent Substance Users: Effectiveness of a Universal Prevention Program" in Prevention Science 8 (1): 35-49.


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