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Summer Institute on Youth Violence Prevention


The date for the next summer institute is pending. Please click the links below for more information and for an application form.




What is it and who sponsors it ?

The summer institute is an opportunity for graduate students to receive training that they might not otherwise be exposed to at their own universities. The purpose is to expand scientific knowledge about violence, youth violence, and youth violence prevention. With a multidisciplinary approach to research and intervention and prevention the sponsors are committed to training researchers in this field. Toward that end, we offer the summer institute on youth violence prevention for graduate students in the social sciences or related fields.

The summer institute of 2002 was co-sponsored by the Southern California Academic Center of Excellence on Youth Violence Prevention (ACE-UCR) and the National Consortium on Violence Research (NCOVR); the 2005 event was sponsored solely by ACE-UCR; and the 2008 and 2010 summer institutes were co-sponsored by ACE-UCR and the Center for Culture, Immigration and Youth Violence Prevention (ACE-Berkeley).

Who is eligible to attend?

Any student currently enrolled in a Doctoral graduate program and who has completed at least 2 years of graduate school may apply. Although applications will be accepted from all disciplines, students in one of the social sciences or closely related field will be given priority. Fifteen to 20 students are selected to attend on the basis of academic record as well as research experience and professional interests. In addition, participants must be attending schools within the United States and be U.S. citizens or possess valid U.S. student visas.

How do I apply?

The application form and instructions on how to apply are available on this website. Click the link below to access the form online or contact Roxie at roxanna.alcaraz@ucr.edu or 951-827-6206.

When is the next summer institute?

The date for the next summer institute is pending. Please click the link below for more information about the 2010 Summer Institute.

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